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cultivate wonder

with supermindfulness

see differently 
Offering bespoke workshops and retreats where individuals, teams, and groups learn how the skill of empathy fuels creativity. 
Eyes wide open mindfulness practices allow people to stand more fully in their own experience and access their own depth and genius. They expand our presence.
The imaginative practices that actors use in order to stand in other people's shoes help anyone reach towards empathy, expand their possibilities, and ignite imagination. They expand our possibilities.
Together presence and possibilities help cultivate a kind of supermindfulness. Where people are fully connected to their own experience while also being able to connect with and harness other ways of thinking, feeling, and being. 
Diverse viewpoints catalyze innovation when they can work playfully and effectively together. 
See Differently workshops teach the people inside of your organization how to cultivate supermindfulness to curiosity, connection, and creativity can flourish. 
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